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Friday, February 5, 2010

There's a Kid in My Kitchen...uh-oh!

I discovered last night, that it isn't the wisest of moves to leave two teenagers home alone for hours. You'd think by the time they are seventeen and fourteen that the time has "arrived" that you can fly the coop for a little while and come back to.....TOTAL CHAOS! But, I'm not griping mind you. On the way home I started receiving texts from Taylor..."Can I fry chicken?" "What chicken do I use?" "Do we have cayenne and paprika? I don't know what these things are!" "MOM, how do I do it?" I offered to help, if she would just wait. The reply was "I wanna do it."

You know how there are little warning signs on the roads? Well those texts were warning signs...screaming..."DON"T GO HOME...TURN AROUND NOW!"

Upon walking in the door...I thought my eyes would bug out of my head...the kitchen...MY kitchen, looked like it had regurgitated all over itself. There's no other way to describe it. Two teenagers, had obviously been eating since the moment I left them and had now decided to learn what flour, eggs and spices are all about. Wouldn't you know? Standing in the middle of the mess was the girl...looking like the cat that ate the Honestly, it was a moment I would have frozen in time if it were possible...A scene of flour, everywhere(or maybe it was a blizzard) I don't know, way too much garbage pushed into a walmart bag(split and spilling over like the cup that overfloweth), and Arby's wrappers from one end of the bar to the other. (Thanks Mimi and Papa for seeing they were fed!")...Ahhhhhh...I felt like I became obssesive compulsive with cleaning in a matter of seconds! It was MIND/MESS/OVERLOAD!! This story doesn't make sense, and there really isn't a point to it...period. It's just one of those things, I walked in on, and at any other time I might have blown a gasket. But last night, the whole scene, just kind of hit me between the eyes that this is one of those crazy, rich times that struck me as humorous....My hat's off to my kid who definitely gave frying chicken her best shot. And it was pretty good...although it could have tasted like dirt and I would've told the world it was better than the Colonel's!

And just to give my girl a pat on the back, and redeem her from the disastrous kitchen episode...She did do laundry and clean the entire basement earlier in the day! :) Go Taylor!

On second thought, and this just hit me; I'm just wondering, if the Father ever looks down on us and sees us trying so hard. In the middle of the trying we sometimes make the biggest mess of all time. Does He ever think to Himself, "Now if she had just waited, a little bit longer, and let ME show her the way, there wouldn't be so much clean up to do?" But yet, He is patient and He still loves us and probably even finds humor in some of our shenanigans. I sure hope He does at least, because if He doesn't, I'm for certain I would have driven Him to the point of exhaustion by now.


Carrie said...

That is awesome!!!! Great comparison. I fried chicken once. The end. lol.

Andrea said...

Hi, Melanie! I'm a blogging friend of Karen's, and I'm delighted she sent bloggers your way! Love your place!

Blessings, new friend! Please give Karen my best! I am missing her, but completely, totally, understand the need, as I, too, have been going through the same.

Love in Christ,


Karen said...

I can see the picture of Taylor and the kitchen in my mind...

So thankful the Lord looks over my messes...

Becky said...

Great comparison....I am not sure that the Lord can find humor in all my messes!