Pero tú, oh YHWH, eres escudo alrededor de mí; eres mi gloria y el que levanta mi cabeza. sa

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Window Grime

Who would think windows would make me stop and ponder over my relationship with my Father? Looking out this morning I had a “grab the camera and get outside urge”. See, I thought that finally the “gorgeous, morning mist cutting through the sunshine, for the pic of the fence next door”, morning had arrived. It was then that I noticed it. My windows were creating the misty look. Upon closer observation I found I could even create lovely little twirly doodles on my windows with my fingers. Uh-oh…time to clean. (The picture to the left, represents one clean and one unclean window...what a difference.)

While I was cleaning I started thinking. How easy it is to let pollution gather on my soul. Sometimes, it just kind of sneaks in there, a little at a time, and like my windows, after a while, it becomes unclean. In the darkness of night, those windows look fine to me, reflecting the things around them and clearly anyone outside can see in; can see what’s going on in my home. But, in the morning light, when the sun hits the glass, all the imperfections (in this case, downright filth) clearly showed up. I’m pretty sure the film on the glass stopped a certain amount of light from coming through and into my home. But what really sticks out to me is the thought that came next. When these windows are dirty, polluted, holding the grime from a winter’s worth of heating, dust, and everyday living they don’t allow the light from within, to fully fall on the yard just outside of them. They’re dimmed, and not spilling out their full potential. It’s not that I've never cleaned them. Trust me, I have. But, from simple everyday living, they have to be cleaned, over, and over again.

You know, that’s similar to the way we work spiritually. When our light becomes hindered, by the things that weigh us down, no matter what they are, we can’t reach our full potential to be the light our Father wants us to be. More so than those windows, our soul needs to be washed and cleaned of everyday living. The windows? Oh, they need cleaning only every so often. Our souls? Continually.

...Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what your Father's will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.

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Karen said...

Very good, Melanie...I've let my light become hindered too many times...and that pollution that accumulates also makes the Light that shines in darkness harder to see...

Clean the grime away, Lord...I want a Windex shine!