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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mary, did you know?

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?

Did you know that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?

This Child that you delivered
will soon deliver you
-clay aiken

I remember holding my babies for hours, rocking them, singing to them and praying over them. I know the thoughts that I had, the questions whose answers, I would search in their little faces to try to see just a glimpse. Was there a hint of what the future held for them? Would they follow in Christ's footsteps? What would their dreams be? Would things come easy for them? Would they have their share of heartbreak? What would God's plan be for their lives? I think every mother dreams and prays for the best for her child(ren)...In the far corners of time...there was Mary. The mother who delivered my King. Did Mary know? Did she have any idea? Could her mind even begin to comprehend the baby she held in her arms? Could she fathom just what role her Baby would play from that moment until forever-more? The heart of a mother simply can't contain the love, the emotion, the feeling that wells up inside when she holds her baby to her heart. It feels like it will just bust out and overflow. She has pride and knows her baby is precious and a gift from God. Oh what a blessed woman Mary was. To be chosen, above all others, to give birth to and hold the Baby...the ultimate gift from God...Heaven's Perfect Lamb, the Great I Am, the Prince of Peace, Saviour and Redeemer, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord's...I still wonder...Mary? Did you know?


Melanie said...

Hi Melanie,
I'm glad to find your blog. I love that song and I always think some of those same thoughts when I hear it.
Merry Christmas

Carrie said...

Great song! Have you ever read the novella by Francine Rivers from the Lineage of Jesus series...the last one of course, is Mary, and though it of course has to add some things to create a story, she does a great job of providing insight like this and making you think about what it must have been like for her and Joseph to experience all that they did from the time of His birth to death and resurrection. A very good and thought provoking read!

Karen said...

This was beautiful, described a mother's heart perfectly....